Quality Programming

Quality Programming

Colorado Shines

Colorado Shines is a way to improve the quality at your program, including early childhood centers and family child care homes.  Additionally, it is a way for families to find quality early childhood programs that meet their individual child care needs.

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We are committed to providing training and technical assistance to help your program reach its Colorado Shines rating goals.

There are other ways that programs can improve their quality that are called “Crosswalks” or “Alternative Pathways.”  These are ratings that have been given an equivalent in the Colorado Shines rating system (e.g., NAFCC, NAEYC, Qualistar Family Child Care Quality Certificate) and include pathways for school districts with preschool programs.

If you are interested in accessing supports to reach the next level in Colorado Shines, contact Geanina Brown to discuss available options for your program.

Level 1

These programs are licensed by the State of Colorado and meet basic health and safety standards.

IREE, the local Licensing entity supports centers with Level 1 needs. To learn more, visit the IREE website.

Level 2

These programs meet the requirements of Level 1 and are taking specific steps to improve their quality, like completing additional training courses and developing a Quality Improvement Plan.

Level 3-5

These quality programs are evaluated using 5 rating categories.  Not all high quality programs look the same; one may focus on providing training for their staff, while another may invest in a stronger learning environment.

Colorado Shines Quality Improvement Supports
Applications are currently CLOSED.

There are TWO STEPS to the application process:

First, login to Colorado Shines QRIS.
Click on Application.
Click on each tab of the QRIS Quality Application.
Update your site’s information and click Save.
As you complete each tab, scroll to the top to click the “profile complete and ready to submit” box.
Click the Submit Application button.

Second, while still logged in to QRIS, click on Quality Improvement, then click on the QI Incentives tab.
Click on the blue renew or apply button to complete the Grant Application.

Provider Hub

The Office of Early Childhood’s Provider Hub is your access point to the QRIS Portal, Licensing, the CCCAP Attendance Tracking System (ATS), and the PDIS, as well as where you will update your operational status. Learn more here.

Navigating the Ratings Process

For technical assistance with navigating the rating process, to celebrating your rating results, email TDixon@jointinitiatives.org or call 719.640.1375.

If your rating decreases, so does your reimbursement rate for CCCAP. Don’t let your rating expire! Call 719.640.1375 for assistance.

View alternative pathways for HERE.

PDIS Catalog | Trainer Info
PD Documentation Requirements
For more information, an optional training certificate template, a requirements checklist, informational flyer with FAQs and a multi-use article, click HERE.

These versions are put on hold for Colorado Shines ratings due to COVID-19. Programs that are going through a rating should continue using the ERS-R version of the scale. Please note that this information is subject to change when CDC guidelines change. If you need support with this new tool, contact Tanise Dixon to set up coaching or to answer questions.

For FREE Summer to Fall 2021 training, download the ERS Flyer.

Alternative Pathways

Eligible school district programs may apply to be included in Levels 3 and 4 based on their submitted crosswalk data. Programs wishing to pursue a Level 5 must apply to be rated by a qualified Colorado Shines assessor by submitting an application to be evaluated. Click Application & Instructions for details or contact Kelly Hurtado at 719.291.9315.

Text “CC Opening” to 898-211

Notify Mile High United Way about openings at your program via text! An automatic reply will request your license number, age availability, and whether CCCAP is accepted. Text any time to update your openings.

For details, contact:

Tina Fennell
Early Childhood Outreach Specialist

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