STEM Training: Ramps and Pathways as a Tool to Reach ALL Learners

February 4, 2020 @ 6:00 pm – 9:00 pm
AFK Conference Room
2335 Robinson Street
Colorado Springs
$25 per session | $75 for all four session

This training series is being rescheduled. We will post new dates on our calendar. For all the latest training updates, be sure you are signed up to receive our PD Update! Subscribe HERE.

Series Overview: This series investigates Ramps and Pathways as a launching point into engineering and problem-solving curriculum for your classroom or program. Exciting research has found that when young children engage in hands-on engineering, all types of children reap cognitive and social-emotional benefits: girls and boys, of all races and ethnicities, with different physical and cognitive abilities, from varied socioeconomic backgrounds, and English Language Learners. In this 4-part series, investigate Ramps & Pathways while creating a tailor-made implementation guide that you can start immediately. Easy-to-implement guide will get you started and the children take care of the rest! Recommended to attend in teaching teams (classrooms). Attend one training or the entire series (Bonus STEM book if you attend all four sessions).

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Training 1: Introduction of Ramps & Pathways Curriculum
Let’s start with the basics of Ramps and Pathways curriculum including what materials to gather, preparing the environment and schedule, and intentionally building 21st century skills like collaboration, persistence, and empathy. Active learning with hands-on design challenges with Ramps and Pathways will get your creative juices flowing. Gather curriculum resources to co-create a Ramps and Pathways construction kit out of household and recyclable items with families and community members.

Training 2: Collaborative Implementation of Ramps & Pathways
Now that we’ve laid a foundation, we dive into how to set up design challenges, create goals, and navigate problem-solving and engineering play as a team. Denver Museum of Nature & Science Ramps & Rollers Teacher Guide will introduce a variety of physics concepts in a simple and effective way as we practice walking through problems and challenges together. Involve families and community in the excitement as we discover the power of Ramps and Pathways in opening up children, instilling confidence, and fostering meaningful solution-oriented learning that benefit all children for the rest of their lives.

Training 3: Supporting Diverse Learning Needs Using Ramps & Pathways
For this workshop, we dive deeper into how to support children with exceptional needs, on both ends of the learning spectrum. Working with diverse loose parts like ramps (and all the fun accessories), gives children of all ages and abilities an intriguing and rewarding experience; motivating children to work together while communicating ideas, wants, and needs in order to achieve a desired goal. Plan developmentally appropriate design challenges and practice simple observation and questioning strategies to guide children as they create, collaborate, and communicate to achieve a shared goal, all while building essential social-emotional skills.

Training 4: Reflective Practice and Community Building in Engineering:
The use of reflective practice in engineering is essential in the learning process, and the involvement of the entire community is equally as important. Come celebrate accomplishments from our investigations and gather new ideas on reflective practice and involving families and community in Ramps and Pathways curriculum. Bring your best design challenge for our small group competition with prizes! Become inspired and motivated to incorporate engineering of all types into your daily classroom life and build a caring learning community in the process.