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The Alliance for Kids (Alliance or AFK) Council may openly and publicly support public policies and legislative issues which are consistent with the Alliance’s Mission, Vision and Strategic Plan. Click below to view our complete guidelines and procedures for supporting legislation.

Advocacy 101 for Early Childhood Professionals

The Alliance for Kids (Alliance or AFK) Council may openly and publicly support public policies and legislative issues which are consistent with the Alliance’s Mission, Vision and Strategic Plan. Click below to view our complete guidelines and procedures for supporting legislation.

Join Save the Children Action Network and the Alliance for Kids for this interactive, virtual training. Help to make El Paso County a strong early learning community! 

Learn to advocate for kids and for early learning!

Wednesday, April 28, 2021, from 12:00 PM – 1:00 PM –  Register TODAY!

This session is offered in Spanish on May 12th – Details HERE.

During this one-hour training you will:

  • Hear from lawmakers about how important your experiences and voices are as ECE professionals.
  • Build your story and develop a foundational advocacy skill—“the elevator pitch”—to use in outreach to lawmakers.
  • Learn how to contact your state lawmakers to advocate for support of the ECE sector and for the kids you work with.
  • Earn one clock hour in Professional Development and Leadership (Advocacy)

While this is primarily for ECE professionals in El Paso County, ECE professionals from around Colorado are welcome!

Join us to continue making change for kids. 

HB21-1222 | Regulation of FCCHs

This bill would reduce burdensome regulationfamily child care homes (FCCHs) face by simply requiring local regulatory entities to treat family child care homes as residences for regulatory purposes such as zoning, fire, life safety, and building codes. Given that state licensing regulations already require FCCHs to meet health and safety standards to ensure the well-being of all children in care, this change would prevent additional or conflicting regulations from being placed on FCCH providers above state licensing requirements. 

Check out the full fact sheet and list of endorsements, including Alliance for Kids:

Alliance for Kids Endorses Proposition EE

Proposition EE PASSES! Thank you to all for supporting this important step forward!

Read the Ballot Measure HERE and check out our video endorsement!

Our teen vaping rate is one of the highest in the country, yet Colorado does not tax vaping products. Even our tax on cigarettes is among the lowest in the country. At the same time, our public education system is facing drastic budget cuts due to the global pandemic. And thousands of Colorado families are struggling to pay for food, rent and health care, putting essential preschool education for their children well beyond their reach.

A YES vote on Proposition EE can change this.

We know that raising taxes on tobacco and vape products help people–particularly our teens–quit using and discourage them from ever starting. We have the chance to protect our teens, help our public schools and provide universal, free preschool for all Colorado four-year-olds. By increasing taxes on tobacco products and closing the tax loophole on vape products, we can boost our public health and support each child’s education.

A YES vote on Proposition EE creates a brighter, healthier future for Colorado kids.

Legislative Wins for Colorado's Children

2020: Read a wrap up of the 2020 regular session of the Colorado General Assembly, including all the wins for Colorado kids and families. Click to read more.

Additional Resources for Contacting Officials:

Our Advocacy Partner - Colorado Children's Campaign

The Colorado Children’s Campaign (CCC) is a nonprofit, nonpartisan advocacy organization committed since 1985 to realizing every chance for every child in Colorado. The CCC advocates for the development and implementation of data-driven public policies that improve child well-being in health, education and early childhood by providing Coloradans with trusted data and research on child well-being and organizing an extensive state-wide network of dedicated child advocates. 

From the Colorado Children’s Campaign, The West Steps dives into the policies and politics that come out of the Colorado State Capitol. This insider guide is for outsiders who wonder how laws that affect the lives of Coloradans— especially kids.

The West Steps is available on iTunes, Spotify, Google Play, Stitcher or wherever you get podcasts.

Sign Up for the Colorado Children's Campaign Blog

The KidsFlash blog lets you stay up to date on the latest child well-being news from the Colorado State Capitol and around the state. Find data and research on child health, early childhood education and development, K-12 education, and more. Track legislation and policies affecting Colorado’s kids.Get the inside scoop on the Children’s Campaign’s outreach efforts, fundraising, and advocacy events, as well as efforts being undertaken by the It’s About Kids and Circle of Friends networks. It’s your connection to making a difference in the lives of Colorado’s children. 

2020 Kids Count in Colorado!

The 2020 edition of KIDS COUNT in Colorado! examines the current state of preschool in Colorado—the need, the access, and the opportunity—as lawmakers consider expanding access to the Colorado Preschool Program and Gov. Jared Polis calls for improved access to quality preschool statewide.

This 27th edition of the annual focus on well-being of Colorado children and families provides a foundation of data and research to guide the policy making of state and local leaders. This year’s report, Creating a Path Forward for Colorado’s Kids, explores what a significant expansion in preschool access would mean to Colorado’s young children. Researchers examined barriers to quality early learning faced by kids with the most obstacles to learning—and how an expansion toward a universal system should put them first.

White House Principles for Child Care Reform: Increasing Access to Affordable, High Quality Child Care in America

Posted December 9, 2019
Today, more Americans are working than ever before. Virtually every demographic is achieving historic low unemployment rates. As the Trump Administration’s policies continue to fuel economic growth, we have seen millions of Americans come off the sidelines and rejoin the workforce. In fact, job openings have exceeded the number of job seekers for well over a year. Maintaining that growth will require strengthening policies to support working families, including increasing access to affordable, high quality child care.

Read Full Statement of Principles>>

Legislation Supported by Alliance for Kids

Proposition EE – 2020 Ballot Measure

February 2018: The Alliance for Kids Council voted to support three items of pending legislation below (view flyer). This allows us to advocate by sharing the information with our community of families, partners, and early childhood professionals.

HB18-1208:  Expand Child Care Expenses Income Tax Credit
HB18- 1004:  Renewing the Child Care Contribution Tax Credit
SB18- 099:  Align Early Childhood Quality Improvement Programs

For a summary please reference the documents below:
2018 Legislative Session Early Childhood Summary
2018 Continuation of the Child Care Contribution Tax Credit Fact Sheet