PDIS Credential Submission Interface Update and Temporary Solutions

To support child care providers and early childhood professionals, the Office of Early Childhood and the Colorado Shines PDIS is offering the following solutions to those impacted by the Credential Submission Interface being temporarily disabled:

For those using the Early Childhood Professional Credential to meet licensed child care requirements any credentials that expired after November 1, 2020, will remain valid until October 1, 2021. A waiver or additional documentation is not required, however Large Center Directors must keep a copy of their staff’s most recent qualification letter and Credential on file for review by licensing.

For those who do not have access to their current Credential and cannot obtain or renew the Credential for staff qualifications, Directors may complete an Affidavit verifying that to the best of their knowledge, staff meet Early Childhood Qualifications. Please note, the Affidavit is only valid for Early Childhood teachers. Child care programs must keep the Affidavit and the corresponding documents in the staff member’s file for review and verification by licensing.

Click here to download the Facility Qualification Affidavit.

Thank you for understanding as we work through challenges with the Credential Submission Interface. If you have any questions about these temporary solutions, please contact your Licensing Specialist or call our office at 303-866-5948.

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