TWO Child Care Grant Programs APPROVED

Governor Polis called a special session of the state legislature this month to address the specific challenges posed by COVID-19. Child care was recognized as one of the sectors most at risk as well as one that is critical to the survival of most other sectors in the state.

Out of this recognition, HB20B-1002 created two grant programs to support child care providers across the state: the first of which is being called the Child Care Relief Grant program and the second, the Emerging and Expanding Child Care Grant Program. The legislation provides $45 million in General Fund to support licensed child care in sustaining and expanding their businesses. The bill was passed by the General Assembly and signed by the Governor on December 7th.

This letter will go into detail about the first of the two programs, the Child Care Relief Grant (CCRG) program for the sustainability of child care. Please note, this grant program is new and separate from the federally-funded CARES Act sustainability grants distributed earlier this year. Stay tuned for additional detail on the Emerging and Expanding Child Care Grant program and application process in mid-January.

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