NEW AspenPointe COVID-19 Response Team

AspenPointe is excited to announce a new COVID Response Crisis Counseling Team that is offering free, short-term services. Support is available and is free and confidential.

We have all had our lives changed due to the COVID-19 pandemic. Schooling for children is so different during COVID and can cause additional stress for children as well as the people who support them. Balancing home-schooling/school-setting schedules along with home and work demands can feel impossible for parents, teachers, and children.

Because thoughts have a major impact on emotions and behaviors, focusing on positive thoughts can help improve mood and help with finding more effective coping strategies. Below are some strategies to help manage your thoughts, and please call our Response Team for more assistance.

  • Identify unhelpful thoughts. They produce an emotional response of fear, worthlessness, and pessimism.
  • Identify alternative helpful thoughts. This shifts the emotional response to be reassured, competent, more hopeful, and optimistic.
  • Rehearse helpful thoughts. This may produce more helpful thinking, which can lead to a more positive and healthy emotional state.
Reach out to learn more about how this Response Team can work with you to navigate the challenges you are facing during COVID. Visit, email, or call (719) 299-2996 with questions or to get started today.
Download Flyer HERE.
View Flyer in Spanish HERE.

Services include:
  • Brief educational or supportive contact
  • Remote individual strengths-based counseling
  • Group counseling
  • Public education
  • Needs assessment, referral, and resource linkage
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