Alliance for Kids Endorses Proposition EE | Vote YES on EE!

Alliance for Kids, El Paso County’s Early Childhood Council and Initiative of Joint Initiatives for Youth & Families, joins the community of advocates and leaders supporting this measure, including Save the Children Action Network, the Colorado Children’s Campaign, the Early Childhood Council Leadership Alliance, and the American Heart Association and Lung Association. Learn more about EE by visiting or our AFK Advocacy page.

In a blog post published this week by The Women’s Foundation of Colorado, one of our state’s most dedicated and well-respected leaders of color, Anna Jo Haynes, makes a compelling case for Prop EE:

“As a woman of color who has fought for gender, racial, and income equality my whole life, I think it is critical to state that Prop EE is a progressive measure that will benefit low income communities in important and tangible ways. Reducing consumption of dangerous tobacco and nicotine products has a very clear benefit to the health and safety of communities that have been targeted by the tobacco industry for decades. Further, by investing the revenue generated by the tax into quality preschool, we have the chance to close achievement gaps and ensure all kids start school prepared to succeed.”

Anna Jo stands proudly in support of Prop EE with other leaders of color, including Senator Rhonda Fields and Representative Yadira Caraveo who voiced their support of EE and how it makes significant investments to support working families in this Colorado Politics op-ed in September. Representatives James Coleman and Leslie Herod have produced this video message of support for Prop EE. Stand with these community leaders in support of EE.

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