School-Age Child Care Waivers Available

The Colorado Department of Human Services is offering licensed child care centers, family child care homes, and school-age child care centers the opportunity to apply for waivers allowing temporary flexibility to care for additional school-age children. You may apply for the following waivers by contacting your licensing specialist:

For Licensed Family Child Care Homes

  • Care for one (1) additional school-age child.
  • Exclude your own school-age children from counting toward the maximum number of children allowed by your license type.

For Child Care Centers and School-Aged Child Care Centers 

  • Care for two (2) additional school-age children without affecting staff to child ratios.

Licensing staff will complete a licensing history review, and the Department will have the ability to issue 30 day temporary waivers to all programs in good standing with the Department who meet health and safety requirements.

Reminder: all programs may apply for waivers to temporarily waive compliance with any child care licensing rule(s), not regulations or law, that you, the child care license applicant or licensed provider, believe creates undue hardship for you, a child and/or family, or the community. You can find more information on the waiver process HERE.

If you have questions regarding emergency waivers related to the COVID-19 pandemic, you can email:

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