TANF for Families Impacted by COVID-19

DHS has funding available through The Temporary Assistance to Needy Families (TANF) program for families impacted by COVID-19.  The eligibility requirements are listed below.

In early April 2020, El Paso County DHS enacted our TANF Disaster Assistance Policy and began issuing these payments to families impacted by COVID.  These one-time payments are intended to stabilize families that have been impacted so they are able to maintain self-sufficiency moving forward.  In addition to being one-time assistance, the funds are limited, they are based on availability and the assessed need of the impacted family.  Currently EPC has the capacity to serve around 300 additional families, with further eligibility criteria for the program listed below.

  • Must present a real need for services directly relating to COVID
  • Family assistance unit must contain an eligible child, per Colorado Works Program Rules
  • Family’s annual income must be below $75,000
  • Must reside in El Paso County at time of emergency
  • Must prove lawful presence in the United States per Colorado Works Program Rules
  • Must not be receiving any other form of TANF

Individuals that meet the above criteria are encouraged to apply for Colorado Works online at coloradopeak.secure.force.com/ -an eligibility interview will then be conducted with applicants over the phone.  Applicants are assessed for the program through the eligibility process, however, applicants can also self-identify by discussing the program with their technician during this interview. Please share with families and other service providers.

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