NEW Online Form for Submitting Appeal and Waiver Requests

The Division of Early Care and Learning is happy to announce the Online Stringency Appeals and Waivers form is now live.

The form has the same content and questions as the paper form and will allow for more efficient processing of requests. In addition, users will receive real-time notifications on the status of their request. Any supporting documents or documents that have been completed in writing can be uploaded or copied into the form.

The online form, along with additional information on the appeals and waivers process, is available on the Office of Early Childhood’s Appeals and Waiver Requests webpage. Prior to submitting your request, please review the Appeal and Waiver Request Submission Guide and the Material Waivers Submission Guide. These guides will help you prepare and gather the information and documents needed to complete the form.

Questions about the online form may be directed to the Appeal Coordinator at You may also call 303-866-5948 or 1-800-799-5876 and ask to speak to the Appeal Coordinator.


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