Emergency Waivers for Early Care & Education Programs

In light of the recent child care closures in our community, the Department would like to extend licensed providers in the Colorado Springs area the option to submit an emergency waiver to exceed capacity on a temporary basis to provide care to those families who were enrolled in these programs. If any licensed facility is interested in submitting an emergency waiver, please complete the appeals and waivers form (below) with the desired number of children/families you are wanting to enroll.

We received some clarification from the State regarding the waivers that are available for the recent emergency situation in our community.  Programs do NOT have to be a Level 3-5 to apply and applications from all licensed providers, including experienced providers will be considered. 

Child care centers will need to submit current fire and health inspections along with the specified rooms, days and the number of children that would exceed their licensed capacity in order to accommodate families.

Family child care homes need to complete the weekly attendance form with currently enrolled children and any desired new children names and dates of birth (please distinguish who is current and who is new).

All providers need to supply the last Report of Inspection along with the required documents.

This information needs to be submitted to our appeals and waivers email address at cdhs_childcare_appeals@state.co.us. These requests will be processed in an expedited manner.

Click on the link to the appeals and waiver submission guide for any questions, and I have enclosed the waiver and appeal form for your reference.

Click Here for Waiver and Appeals Form


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