Transition to Kindergarten | The Early Educator’s Role

In addition to the information in this blog, be sure to visit the Alliance for Kids Transition to Kindergarten page for more…including registration information for each school district in El Paso County.

Your Role in the Transition to Kindergarten

By building awareness, planning for, and supporting children and families during times of transition to Kindergarten, early educators can provide a foundation that prepares them to manage change successfully.

As children and families transition OUT OF your setting, share and discuss:

  • Opportunities for families to learn about the new early education or kindergarten program, such as orientation meetings, open houses, enrollment days, or kindergarten “round-ups”
  • Information about the registration process and documents they must provide the new program or elementary school, when available
  • Information on how the new environment and expectations of their children will be similar to and different from your program
  • Develop systems for sharing information and collaborate with your partner elementary schools and families to determine what types of information should be shared.
  • Bring early childhood and elementary school staff together. Invite the kindergarten teacher or school principal to read a story to the pre-kindergarteners.
  • Internet and print resources for families on transitioning, including resources on transition services for children with disabilities are included in the link below. (Where to Learn More: Resources on page 14)

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