Child Health & Behavior Supports

Health & Behavior Supports
Settings and practices promote strong relationships, social and emotional development, appropriate nutrition and physical activity. Settings also promote mental health and well-being through early identification, consultation and treatment so that children in need receive individualized services and supports.

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Kelsey Leva
Health & Behavior Supports Specialist

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At El Paso Pyramid PlusPyramid Plus Triangle (EPPP) our mission is to educate our community on the value of social-emotional health in our youngest children and to promote high quality early childhood experiences through training and coaching for professionals and families through the Pyramid Plus Approach.

Why the Pyramid Plus Approach Model?
The Pyramid Model for Supporting Social Emotional Competence for Infants and Young Children is a positive behavioral intervention and support framework that early educators can use to promote young children’s social and emotional development and prevent/address challenging behavior.

In classrooms where the Pyramid Model was implemented, there were significant improvements in children’s social skills. Target children, children with persistent behavioral challenges, showed statistically significant decreases in challenging behavior.
(Hemmeter, Fox, & Snyder, 2013; Hemmeter, Snyder, Fox, & Algina, 2011)

Alliance for Kids has developed two options for Early Childhood Education Centers/Family Child Care Homes to participate in the Pyramid Plus Project. Participants can either send their staff to the Community Trainings and receive coaching support during the training process or they can make a greater commitment to become an Implementation Site and receive supports to help them embed coaching, data collection/analysis and the ability to sustain the knowledge of the Pyramid Plus Approach in their center.

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If you would like to join our team or for more information on El Paso Pyramid Plus, please contact:

Kelsey Leva
Health & Behavior Supports Specialist

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Supports: Children ages 0-8 who are showing disruptive behaviors in a child care center, family child care home, preschool or kindergarten setting within El Paso, Teller and Park counties.

Early Childhood Specialists:

  • Trained in development and behavior assessment
  • Assist care providers and parents in planning and implementing interventions for the specified child to succeed.
  • Specialists will come to the childcare center, family child care home, or preschool for assessments and meetings, and/or meet with parents in their home to provide coordinated service for the family and providers.

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