Alliance for Kids did a study in 2015-2016 with a group of EQIT participants who received coaching. These were teachers, family child care providers, and directors just like you. On average, 95% of participants in the study reported an increase in competence and confidence, their ability to build relationships with children, their sense of professionalism, and their job satisfaction. Everyone wants to have a fulfilling job that they are great at, and coaching can help get you there!

Alliance for Kids offers coaching under the following initiatives:

  • Pyramid Plus Community Coaching
  • Quality Improvement Coaching
  • Expanding Quality for Infants and Toddlers (EQIT) Coaching
  • Fee-based Coaching to support a variety of professional development goals (CLASS observations; Colorado Shines rating support)

For details, contact:
Kelly Hurtado
Quality Improvement Manager

What IS coaching all about?

  • A safe space to reflect on your work and grow as a professional
  • Focused on strengths you have and how to build on those
  • Designed to help you feel supported by a fellow early childhood professional who has been where you are, has been trained on relationship-based coaching, and whose primary goal is to help you succeed
  • A good chance to talk about the challenges you face in your workplace and brainstorm positive solutions
  • Entirely personalized to your work environment, personal style of teaching, and areas of interest
  • A way to increase and/or maintain quality programming for the children in your classroom

What coaching can do for your profession:

  • Earn points toward your Early Childhood Credential 2.0 on the Professional Development Information System (PDIS)
  •  Make the best use of your time spent in training by supporting you in implementing what you learned.
    • Increase your competence, confidence, and job satisfaction
      • Coaches can complete Demonstrated Competencies by observing you do your job that can earn you up to 10 points toward your professional credential through just one observation!
  • Earn Points on Colorado Shines for your center!

For details, contact:
Kelly Hurtado
Quality Improvement Manager

Alliance for Kids offers Quality Improvement Coaching to assist administrators and teachers in developing and reaching quality improvement goals.  Coaches assist early education professionals in aligning goals with Colorado Shines and support programs and professionals through Practice-Based Coaching by:

  1. Planning goals and action steps that make sense for your program.
  2. Engaging in focused observation.
  3. Reflecting on and sharing feedback about teaching or administrative practices.

This relationship-based approach helps professionals transfer knowledge into practice, supporting professionals in becoming reflective about their teaching or administrative practices through coaching sessions.  Coaches utilize evidence based information to support early childhood educators and administrators in reaching their quality improvement goals.

Our coaches maintain many certifications and are able to support programs in increasing and maintaining quality by taking an in-depth look at classroom and administrative practices with the Colorado Shines Readiness Assessment; Program Administration Scale (PAS); Environmental Rating Scales (ERS); CLASS observations as well as various other focused observations that are tied to professional development goals.

Alliance for Kids is thrilled to be able to offer Pyramid Plus Approach (PPA) Coaching to teachers throughout El Paso County.  This coaching allows teachers to receive support in implementing the social emotional skills and practices they learned about in the Pyramid Plus Approach Training.  Our Pyramid Plus Coach works closely with these early childhood professionals to support their professional development goals by targeting needs at all three levels of the pyramid helping to understand the concept of the Pyramid Model Framework. This coaching is provided to as many sites as possible pending availability of funded coaching hours.

In order to receive this coaching you must meet the following criteria:

  • Completion of, or enrollment in, the full Pyramid Plus Approach Training.
  • Time and coverage must be provided to meet outside of the classroom every other week for two hours and be open to having your coach visit your classroom on the “off weeks” for an hour.
  • Collaboration with your administrator to ensure that the coaching and time away from the classroom are a good fit for your program.

What do teachers in El Paso County have to say about Pyramid Plus Approach Coaching?

  • “It’s a great approach to help children with some challenging behaviors.”
  • “Once we started using [the tools]…it just sticks with you. And it works….it has become part of our routine; it’s just part of what we do.”
  • “If you are going to work in child care or be a teacher or director, (anything that has to do with young children), I think you should take this class. I would take this class again.  I would take the coaching again.  I would do it all again…very useful.”
  • “It’s changed the way that I deal with the kids. You can see it in them [the other children]… how they interact and deal with each other, and teachers, and our classroom.”

If you are interested in becoming a pyramid plus community classroom, please contact Kelly Hurtado for information on the application process.

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In addition to the 48 hours of direct EQIT class time, infant and toddler participants may receive hands-on, on-site coaching using the EQIT RELATE Coaching Model.  The EQIT coach is trained in strengths-based coaching and spends time with participants to help them identify all the things they do well and helps them implement the new ideas learned in EQIT classes into their everyday work with infants and toddlers.

Infant and toddler participants may receive a minimum of 5 hours of coaching, however, additional coaching may be requested. Completing 8 or more hours of coaching allows participants to receive two points towards the Colorado Early Childhood Professional Credential 2.0 in the Professional Information System (PDIS).  EQIT course graduates may continue working with their EQIT coach for up to one year following the training, pending availability of funded coaching hours.

For more information on EQIT coaching, contact Erica Evans at
For information about upcoming EQIT training sessions, please visit the EQIT page.

Currently, Alliance for Kids is offering CLASS Observation Packages for a fee. Sites may choose from the following options:

We accept payments for coaching using PayPal – no account needed.