Alliance for Kids discusses Education & Advocacy as part of the Learning & Development Committee.  Legislation relevant to the community will be discussed along with efforts to organize community advocacy around Council approved policies. Join the conversation – all are welcome to attend and may contact Deanna Stark for more details.

The Alliance for Kids (Alliance or AFK) Council may openly and publicly support public policies and legislative issues which are consistent with the Alliance’s mission, vision and Strategic Plan.  The public policies or legislative issues must not conflict in any manner with the Alliance Bylaws or Strategic Plan, or the Joint Initiatives for Youth & Families (JI) Bylaws or the JI Legislative Advocacy and Public Policy Guide.

Endorsement of public policies or legislative issues by the Alliance Council will consist of a public statement of endorsement or support, or agreement with the specific public policy or legislative issue, and may go as far as to quantify how the policy or legislative issue is beneficial for the Alliance and the community.  Endorsement will not include any financial support or donations on behalf of the Council, the Alliance for Kids or Joint Initiatives. For the full procedure, click the document below.

Legislative Procedure Final (4-5-17)

Alliance for Kids wants to provide the community with the resources to be empowered to take advocacy action as an individual. The advocacy toolkit is an outline to help guide you in staying informed, getting involved, and equip you with the tools needed in your advocacy toolkit to make your voice heard.

Know your Congressman. A great tool is to know who your congressmen are and reach out to them to share how a policy or proposed legislation personally impacts you, your colleagues, or community. Below are the U.S. elected officials for Colorado and El Paso County families. Click here to access a full list of district legislators.

  • Senators:
    Michael Bennett (D)   202.224.5852 Contact
    Cory Gardner (R)        202.224.5941   Contact
  • Representatives (Colorado Springs is located in the 5th Congressional District):
    Doug Lamborn    719.520.0055 and 202.225.4422

Write/Call Your Congressman. It can be intimidating to contact your elected officials. You may wonder if your opinion matters or if your congressman cares what you think. You may also wonder where to start? Congressmen serve as the voice of their constituents… in other words, YOU! Writing a letters or making calls are a great way to show your opposition or support of policies. Here are some tips on how to get started:

  • Open the letter or phone call with the appropriate salutation
  • Get straight to the point. Clearly address the legislation that you either support or oppose
  • Back up your concerns: use statistics and personal stories
  • Sample Letter Outline
  • Decide what the most appropriate form of communication is. Timing is a huge factor in this. If legislation is set to be voted on quickly you may want to call your congressman over emailing or sending a letter through the post.

Connect with local organizations. Alliance for kids Education and Advocacy Committee meets the 2nd Thursday of every month from 11-12pm. The Education and Advocacy Committee serves to guide education of families and community on characteristics of quality and its impact on children, families and the community. The committee serves to communicate relevant legislation to the community and organize community advocacy around Council approved policies. Join the conversation and attend our monthly meetings.

Stay Informed. We’ve provided links to additional organization websites to stay informed and current on legislation.

Additional Resources:

Raising of America

Quality Child Care:



Alliance for Kids Legislative Report Presentation (Facilitated by Colorado Children’s Campaign): Bill Jaeger of the Colorado Children’s Campaign presented pending legislation impacting children and families at the February 2018 Council meeting.

The Alliance for Kids Council voted to support three items of pending legislation below (view flyer). This allows us to advocate by sharing the information with our community of families, partners, and early childhood professionals.

HB18-1208:  Expand Child Care Expenses Income Tax Credit
HB18- 1004:  Renewing the Child Care Contribution Tax Credit
SB18- 099:  Align Early Childhood Quality Improvement Programs

For a summary please reference the documents below:
2018 Legislative Session Early Childhood Summary
2018 Continuation of the Child Care Contribution Tax Credit Fact Sheet

Be sure to visit the Colorado Children’s Campaign website for full legislative updates on these items at