What is Coaching?


Alliance for Kids did a study in 2015-2016 with a group of EQIT participants who received coaching. These were teachers, family child care providers, and directors just like you. On average, 95% of participants in the study reported an increase in competence and confidence, their ability to build relationships with children, their sense of professionalism, and their job satisfaction. Everyone wants to have a fulfilling job that they are great at, and coaches can come along beside you can help get you there!

What is coaching all about?

  • A safe space to reflect on your work and grow as a professional
  • Focused on strengths you have and how to build on those
  • Talking about challenges you face in your workplace and brainstorm positive solutions
  • Personalized to your work environment, style of teaching, and areas of interest
  • A way to increase and/or maintain quality programming for the children in your classroom

What coaching can do for your profession:

  • Earn points on the Professional Development Information System (PDIS)
  • Just one coaching observation can earn you up to 10 points toward your professional credential!
  • Earn Points on Colorado Shines for your center!

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