CCCAP ATS Delayed | Posted 12.15.17


The Office of Early Childhood announced today that the ATS GO-LIVE date has been delayed. The system, designed to replace the current swipe card and Point of Service (POS) systems for CCCAP, does not yet meet their standards for effective and efficient service. Pilot system users are experiencing errors and the delay will allow for further development of the system so that it functions properly when it goes live.

What does this mean for CCCAP providers?

  • If you are currently manually billing for CCCAP, continue to do so. This process will not change.
  • If you currently use a Point of Service (POS) device, continue to use it. If you experience any issues with the device, contact your county department of human/social services for instructions to complete manual billing.

Next Steps

  • Contact families to notify them of the delay. Families who have not yet confirmed their email address will have more time to submit this information to their county.
  • Visit com or the Provider Self-Service Portal (PSSP) for updates. We also encourage you to complete training now to prepare for the ATS launch.
  • Watch for emails from the Office of Early Childhood. Our vendors are currently assessing the necessary system changes. They will provide us with a timeline for fixes following the holidays.

ATS Resources for Providers

The Colorado Office of Early Childhood has information and resources available on their website to assist you with this new system. This includes comprehensive FAQs, how to return your POS system, basic requirements for using the ATS, and a complete ATS Training Video Series. Please click here to visit their site.

How do I get a CCCAP Fiscal Agreement?

This guide provides information on obtaining a county CCCAP fiscal agreement from the providers perspective. It has been updated to reflect the experience of a provider that has requested a fiscal agreement and doesn’t yet serve CCCAP children as well as a provider that has been selected by a family.

Need More Help with the ATS? AFK is here for you!

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