Jackie Florendo, Ed.D.

Ph: 719.634.8045
Fax: 719.636.5191
Email: JFlorendo@allianceforkids.org

Mia Martinez

Program Assistant
Ph: 719.634.8045
Email: PA@allianceforkids.org

Heather Huffman, Ed.M., Ph.D.

Research & Evaluation Manager
Ph: 719.313.8913
Email: HHuffman@jointinitiatives.org

Erica Evans

Professional Development Specialist
Ph: 719.233.0770
Email: EEvans@allianceforkids.org


Community Outreach & PDIS Specialist
Ph: 719.985.0013


Health & Behavior Supports Specialist
Ph: 719.396-0023

Patty Lindau, Ed.D.

Pyramid Plus Coach
Ph: 719.396.1027
Email: PLindau@allianceforkids.org

Dana Scarbrough

Family Support & Education Specialist
Ph: 719.466.0099
Email: DScarbrough@allianceforkids.org

Erika Cincotta

Early Language & Literacy Specialist
Ph: 719.466.9562
Email: ECincotta@allianceforkids.org

Deanna Stark

Quality Improvement Navigator Specialist
Ph: 719.291.8112
Email: DStark@allianceforkids.org

Kelly Hurtado

Quality Improvement Manager
Ph: 719.291.9315
Email: KHurtado@allianceforkids.org

Teresa Smarsh

Quality Improvement Program Assistant
Ph: 719.659.7198
Email: TSmarsh@allianceforkids.org

Geanina Brown

Director Coach
Ph: 719.651.3484
Email: GBrown@allianceforkids.org

Jennifer Kollerup

Quality Improvement Coach
Ph: 719.684.6195
Email: JKollerup@allianceforkids.org

Angela McKibben

Communications Specialist
Ph: 719.634.7619
Email: AMcKibben@allianceforkids.org

Ways to get involved include joining Council, attending a committee meeting, applying for coaching or quality improvement supports, sharing our resources with others, participating in our advocacy efforts, and giving us feedback!

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