What is a Reproductive Life Plan (RLP)? An RLP is about deciding when (or if) you want to become a parent, even if being a mom or a dad is years away for you. 


    Alliance for Kids Office of Professional Development (AOPD) is offering scholarship funds to Child Care Professionals. AOPD provides scholarships at $70 per credit hour for tuition and fees as well as up to $100 per class for textbooks.



    You can now download our free Quality Improvement Checklists! The Alliance for Kids has prepared this tool to help Early Care an Education Providers serving children ages 3-5 to become aware of important indicators of quality.





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PPUW Quality of Life Indicators




The Alliance for Kids is the Early Childhood Council for El Paso County. The Alliance was formed in 1996 to ensure that the children of the county would have access to quality childcare in the face of welfare reform. The vision, scope and impact of the Alliance serves as a catalyst for the integration of a high quality early childhood system for young children (0-8 years), that includes Health/Mental Health, Family Support, and Early Care and Education.

The Alliance for Kids will:

  • Serve as the infrastructure for the early childhood system of care;
  • Engage and consult with stakeholders and community partners to develop and implement new programs and services;
  • Facilitate and implement systems change within El Paso County by working with local, state, and federal governments, as well as the private and public sectors;
  • Advocate for children, families, and providers of children's services - as it relates to public policy that impacts young children.